Why Basement Leaks in CT Happen During the Winter Months

Basement leaks in CT occur throughout the year. Basements will leak as long as there is moisture present. However, most home owners will first think of rain when they find that they have a wet basement. This is not surprising since wet basements are often the result of long and heavy rains. However, snow is also a culprit for the occurrence of basement leaks. Thus winter is time to ensure that your basement is well protected.

Melting snow

Although rain is the most common cause for leaky basements, it’s not the only one. Melting snow that is a common occurrence during warmer winter days can also find its way into your basement. When snow melts it leaves a lot of water in its place. This water has to go somewhere. The most common place is the basement.

Snow also melts as a result of the heat that radiates out of the basement during the cold winter months. If you’re heating your basement during winter, there is some heat lost to the soil surrounding the basement. This heat radiates through the soil and melts the frozen soil around the basement. The result is a large pocket of moisture surrounding the basement walls. The hydrostatic pressure resulting from this buildup of moisture can result in the basement walls leaking.

Snow on the roof

Another cause of basement leaks in CT during winter is the snow that builds up on the roof.  This snow is not only bad for the roof but also for your basement. Many people are relieved when the snow falls off the roof and onto the ground below. This is because they fear that their homes may collapse under the weight of the snow.

Snow sliding off your roof however, shouldn’t be a cause for relief. If the snow falls and lands at the base of your home, a mound of snow will form at the base of the walls. When the snow melts it will seep into the soil and saturate it. There will be increased pressure on your basement walls from the water saturated soil surrounding it. The result will be a leakage in your basement.

The winter also brings rain with it on the days that it isn’t snowing. If rain water is not directed away from the basement it will also leak into your basement. To be sure that your basement is safe from leaking water talk to a basement contractor.