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Water In Basement

Water in Basement

Do you have water in your basement?

Water can enter your basement or crawlspace many different ways, penetrating through the foundation, walls, and floor. Sometimes this is a result of cracks or faults in the structure, which leads to water seepage when it rains. Other times water problems can simply be a result of location as many homes are built on property with high amounts of standing ground water. Whatever the cause of your basement water problem may be, you can rest assured that our board certified waterproofing technicians will find it and resolve it. Water in your basement is a nuisance, which can compromise the integrity of your foundation and result in poor air quality throughout your entire household. Don’t waste any more time or money putting up with the grief that invasive basement water has caused. The best approach to water seepage correction and foundation repair prevention is to remove the source of the issues and repair any existing foundation damages at the point of entry.

A Proactive Approach

When considering basement finishing, a proactive approach to any basement water and moisture issue will save you many headaches in the long run. Budget Dry will install trench drains, extending downspouts, and sump pump discharge lines below the existing grade of the yard providing homeowners with a permanent and effective groundwater management solution. Effective groundwater management, foundation crack repair, and sump pump installation provide an effective combination to prevent water buildup around foundations which can cause foundation failures and basement leaks. A great number of basement foundation repair and basement waterproofing problems can be solved by managing rainwater and surface drainage properly using our foundation shield below grade exterior drainage systems to redirect the water away from the foundation. Even when foundation crack repair, subsurface drainage systems, and moisture control installation is required, removing or controlling water at the source is necessary.

Correcting Basement Water Problems

Lack of proper drainage causes pooling water around your basement which leads to hydrostatic pressure on the walls. When left unattended this pressure can result in foundation damage, causing foundation cracks, bowed walls, and foundation settlement. Budget Dry has methods of controlling and preventing this water pressure build up. Whether it is through sub floor drains, the use of sump pumps or exterior curtain drain, we have a solution for you!

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