How the Grate Drain Trumps All Other Basement Drainage Systems

Water in your home is no joke. Seepage and moisture combined can all but destroy a home’s foundation, leaving your property in ruins and irreparable.

As water finds a way inside your home, footings, the support on which your entire foundation rests upon, can become severely damaged.

So while interior waterproofing all pretty much relies on the same concept — stop as much water as possible from entering; the water that does enter, route away without damage — some methods work better than others.

One of the best interior waterproofing systems available today is called the Grate Drain, a dual-chambered waterproofing system that is so advanced that it can solve the toughest basement water problems.

How the Grate Drain Works

Because there is a big difference between waterproofing and damp proofing, there are very few basement waterproofing systems that work as well as the Grate Drain.

Traditional French style drains that rely on gravity really only prevent one type of moisture. Because footings are poured level, and because of how the traditional style drains are designed, water finds a way to penetrate beneath and around the drain, seeping into the poured floor and causing damage.

You’ll know this fact is true when, after just a few months, a familiar “basement smell” will begin to emanate from the floor.

Grate Drains, on the other hand, allow water to enter from the wall as well as the footing because of their dual-chamber. Meaning that, no matter where the water moves to, the Grate Drain will collect it and direct it to the sump basin or pump.

Further, in addition to being completely sealed to the wall and back-filled with gravel, so water never stands a chance, the dual-chamber technology isolates iron bacteria, prevents cross-contamination, and is easily flushable by a professional thanks to accessible covers.

Plus, if you ever had a doubt about how well the Grate Drain works, a full guarantee is available on the Grate Drain Drainage System so you can rest easy.

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