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Grate Drain

Protect your investment


The GrateDrain solves the most difficult basement water problems. Protect your basement with the most advanced technological water control system available today. The GrateDrain was designed with large dual chambers that directs ground water from beneath the basement floor and the wall/footing joint to the sump liner. The GrateDrain’s ability to accept ground water through large passageways (punch holes) from either direction is a powerful advantage when compared to other drainage systems. Other drainage systems only allow water to enter from one direction or allow water to pass right through their drainage pipe from the wall/footing joint and bring ground water under the basement slab instead of directing it to the sump liner. (see figure 1)


GrateDrain™ is custom built for every basement
The GrateDrain was designed to be custom made and fitted to the basement. Each section of the GrateDrain is assembled and accurately sized.

GrateDrain has a dual chamber design
Water can enter from the wall/footing seam and from under the basement slab then the dual chamber directs it to the sump.

Isolate iron bacteria colonies
GrateDrain was designed to isolate iron bacteria problems so that it does not spread throughout the basement. GrateDrain prevents cross-contamination.

Easy cover and panel access for system flush
Accessible covers and panels allow a service technician to flush.

GrateDrain is economical
The GrateDrain design reduces waste as each piece can be used.

Engineered drainage system that offers more value
Custom assembly/installation, ridged components, and advanced design makes the GrateDrain the best system.

GrateDrain is the strongest system on the market
GrateDrain is a extruded durable poly vinyl chloride (pvc) which is made up of our (4) foot horizontal wall pieces and 120 foot coils of vertical wall sections.

A full warranty can be available with proper yearly maintenance.

GrateDrain Componentsgratedraincomponentscornerport

Integration of components make the GrateDrain system so effective. Corner Ports, S-Adaptors, GrateDrain Outlets, and GrateDrain T-Ports provide many features including; easy system flush, optional air resistant floor drain, Dehumidifier plug, available extensions, quick connection to the GrateSump.

GrateDrain protects the entire basement. The GrateDrain is installed on the perimeter below the basement floor. The corners have accessible covers to allow a service technician to flush out the system if needed. GrateDrain Corner Ports are actually a 90 degree turn which allows water to flow faster.


Grate Trench

Drain adjusts to any length

The GrateTrench™ serves a wide range of applications and can adjust to any length. It was designed to control surface water. The GrateTrench™ solves bulkhead water problems by collecting surface water before it enters the basement. It’s patented cantilever valve system opens and closes automatically to deliver water to the GrateDrain system. When not in use, the valve is tightly sealed to prevent odors, moisture, and water form coming back into the basement.


Grate Sump

Performance & Reliability

Welcome to the GrateSump™, an integral component of your new water control system. The GrateSump has several key features that ensure unmatched performance and reliability like no other in the basement industry.gratesumpgs-install

Does not promote undermining of the foundation. Traditional sump liners can remove sediment from under the basement footing causing the foundation to weaken.

GrateSump resists iron and clogging
Large engineered slots on the front two sides of the GrateSump reduces clogging and increases water flow.

Built in pump stand
Built in pump stand keeps debris away from pump and aids in cleaning.

Dehumidifier drain plug
Connect your dehumidifier to the built-in drain plug.

GrateSump dual combination
GrateSumps can be linked together to add an additional back up pumping system.

Virtually air tight cover
Impressive steel like gray plastic cover. Reduces ground humidity and soil gases from entering basement.

Typical sump liners are deeper and can remove water from under the foundation that is vital for the stability of the soils supporting the footing.

GrateSumps allow more water into them from under the basement slab while not affecting the zone of influence under the foundation.



Closed System Basement Waterproofing Drainage

“Healthier for your family and your foundation”

The heart of a closed system is an ingenious dual chamber drainage channel that is unique in the industry and provides a way to draw water from the outside walls as well as from the center of the basement. Placed in a shallow trench they work together with a specially designed basement wall vapor barrier, to direct all water and moisture into a drainage conduit.

Access ports, strategically located along the system allow for easy inspection make certain the system continues to work efficiently for years. An airtight GrateSump liner encases a reliable Pro-Series pump. Together with the liner, it is mounted in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the foundation. A double pump switch that makes sure it turns on when it’s supposed to assure its dependability.

Finally, a strong seamless drain makes certain that all water collected is removed away from the basement.

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