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Tips to Follow When Choosing Your Next Basement Entry Door

Most homeowners are now discovering the benefits of remodeling their basement to increase the available living space in their homes. With increasing costs of real estate space, it is important to maximize available space. A finished basement can turn from an eyesore into an amazing game room, bedroom or storage area. One great idea when finishing this living space is the use of basement entry doors.

Importance of a Basement Entry Door

A basement entry door provides easy access to the room from outside. It also offers an emergency access route in case of emergencies indoors. If you choose the door properly, it can add to the outdoor aesthetic appeal. In fact, most home buyers are looking for such an addition, which means your home increases in value when the door is properly installed and maintained.

Buying the Right Basement Door

There are many products in the market and before choosing the best, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Available Space

The door you purchase should perfectly fit the space available. It is important to use a professional contractor to take the measurements to avoid a costly blunder. There are also custom doors that can fit any space you decide to cover.

  1. Security

The fact that basement entry doors provide access to the outdoors means they can easily be used by burglars to access the main house. As such, look for a door that comes with security features including a sturdy lock and durable materials. The lock should be able to sustain any forceful entry to protect both the occupants and the property inside.

  1. Weather Resistance

A basement door is exposed to extreme weather elements, making it susceptible to damage. When shopping for your door, make sure the material is weatherproofed to protect against wind, UV light, rain and hailstorm damage. The door should also be well insulated on the edges to avoid water leakage into the basement.

  1. Style

There are multiple designs and door shapes to choose from and your choice will come down to your taste. Bulkhead doors are the most popular although you can opt for a standing door depending on how frequently the basement will be accessed. You can talk to your contractor to find the best type of door to suit your basement.

  1. Aesthetics

A beautiful door will enhance the appeal of your property and add value. Go for door designs and colors that blend with the rest of the exterior façade to create more appeal.

Fitting a basement entry door should be done by an expert to guarantee quality installation. If you already have a door that needs repair, these experts also have the tools to get the job done.

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