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Are you in need of mold remediation services? If you’ve been scouring the internet for companies that offer these services, you’ve probably read their claims and are wondering how you can determine whether they are just empty claims or the truth.

Not all services work

Let’s face it. Times are tough not only for individuals but also for businesses. It is therefore not unusual for contractors to add as many services to their service list as possible. Some contractors add mold remediation to their service list but aren’t really qualified or equipped to provide you with remediation services that actually work.

Remediation isn’t about getting rid of the mold that you can see. It isn’t about getting rid of stains on walls or the musty odor you’ve had to put up with for the last few weeks. It’s about identifying the mold colonies in your home and getting rid of the entire infestation. It’s about ensuring that the infestation doesn’t reestablish itself. It’s about killing the roots of the infestation.

Remediation services that actually work

Different remediation contractors have different processes they use to get rid of mold. They also use different chemicals and equipment. However, there are four steps that are required for effective remediation.

  1. Identifying sources of moisture and dealing with them

Mold infestations require certain conditions in order to be established. These are moisture, food, low levels of light, and optimum temperatures. The easiest condition to control is moisture. A remediation expert will perform an inspection to determine the source of moisture and the best way to deal with it. This will help to prevent further infestation after the remediation process has been completed.

  1. Preparation of the property for the remediation

The remediation process will involve removal of affected materials and cleaning surfaces that have been affected. Mold spores are likely to be dispersed in the air and may spread to other parts of the home. It is therefore important to prepare the home for the remediation. This may involve installing equipment to remove air polluted with spores as well as sealing off areas that have been infested.

  1. Post remediation testing

After the remediation has been completed, tests must be run to determine whether the process was successful at getting rid of the entire infestation. This may be done a few days after remediation. The results of the testing will determine whether further work ought to be done or not.

This approach to mold remediation ensures long term results. Check with your contractor to find out their approach to remediation.  


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