Have a Mildew Smell Coming from Your Crawlspace? Eliminate the STINK with CrawlShield

Eliminate The STINK with CrawlShield

Crawl spaces, by nature, are typically dark, dingy, and smelly, especially this time of year when the humidity level is high. Some homeowners not only have to deal with it when they go in the space under the house, but sometimes the smell starts to seep into the living space as well. Thankfully, there’s a relatively simple solution. Homeowners can eliminate the STINK with CrawlShield.

CrawlShield is fantastic product that solves many crawl space issues, one of them being the smell that seems to never go away. The moisture in a crawl space develops into mildew and possibly mold, creating an environment that not only stinks, but is unhealthy. Since this problem can spread into the house, it’s important to take care of the problem to prevent any respiratory issues.

CrawlShield is a barrier that, when installed in crawl spaces, will take care of that smell you’ve come to hate. It basically encapsulates the crawl space so moisture from the ground will be blocked along the walls and ground. It also provides a shield between the crawl space and living space so there’s no transmission of smell into the home. It also prevents other issues such as radon gas from entering the living space.

In addition to taking care of the stink, CrawlShield transforms your crawl space into a light, bright usable room. After installation, many homeowners discover they now have a storage area that frees up space inside the home or garage.

Because they’re dug into the ground, crawl spaces often take on attributes of the dirt around them. In addition to being kind of gross and dirty, they have a unique smell that causes many people to avoid that area. CrawlShield is a unique, durable product that can transform your space in just one day. For more information on getting rid of the stink in your crawl space, contact us.