Crawl Space Moisture Remedy Mistakes Homeowners Make

Crawl Space Moisture

Dealing with crawl space moisture can be difficult for homeowners. This is especially because they aren’t trained in the best techniques and technologies for dealing with the issues that moisture presents in a crawl space.

The problem with many homeowners is that they want to try and deal with the problem on their own. This however, results in even worse problems that are more expensive to fix. The following are just a few examples of the mistakes that do-it-yourself homeowners make when trying to deal with crawl space moisture:

  • Installing additional vents

Many homeowners believe that installing additional vents to their crawl space will help to keep the space dry by forcing the moisture to the outside. However, this will have an opposite effect. The humid air on the outside will instead be blown in through the additional vents and result in an even more serious problem.

In addition to this, homeowners may cause damage to the foundation in the process of installing the additional vents. This process can be difficult and various factors have to be considered to ensure safety and efficacy.

A crawl space professional will advise you on the best solution for your moisture problem. They will also ensure that the job is done well without causing damage to your foundation.

  • Insulating a damp crawl space

Installing insulation into a crawl space that has not dried out properly is a disaster waiting to happen. Many homeowners read or watch vapor barrier installation tutorials and decide that it is a job they can easily do on their own. However, they don’t realize that professionals take various precautions in the preparation of the space before the installation of the barriers.

A professional will spot any issues and ensure that they are fixed properly before they go ahead with the insulation of the space. This ensures that you won’t experience moisture problems in the future.

  • Nailing the vapor barrier sheet to the flooring system

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that the DIY homeowner makes when it comes to installing a vapor barrier. They will staple the vapor barrier sheet to the wooden supports of the floor.

Their intent is to protect the wood. However, this only makes a bad situation worse. Condensation occurs and the wood rots. This situation often calls for expensive repair solutions to correct the mistake.

The lesson here is to always use a professional to help you with insulating your crawl space.