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Is your Basement Healthy?

Your home should be a safe and comfortable, not a place that makes you sick or endangers the stability of your home.  Air quality problems can affect any kind of home, new and old.

Many factors contribute to your home’s air quality problems including flooded basements, basement with moisture, humidity, and foundation cracks.

The Basement Environment

Homeowners seldom think of their basement as much more than a storage area, make-shift laundry room, home gym or a playroom. An occasional ‘musty’ smell is often overlooked, and therein lays the problem. A majority of cellars in the United States have water and moisture seeping in through concrete walls and rising up through the floor.

Iron bacteria are carried in the moisture and water that seeps into all basements and provide an ideal growth medium for mold and mildew. Basements with any degree of humidity are responsible for an unpleasant odor that sometimes proves to be a health hazard for anyone with allergies or a sensitive respiratory system.

Removing the water and moisture solves the problem. That’s what a Grate Products system does. Through generations of improvements and evolution, the Grate Products system does what no other can. It is a total solution to removing any and all water and moisture from a part of the house that supplies 40% of the air to the first floor.
Potential Problems

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Mold & MildewPoor Air QualityRadon GasIron Bacteria