Advantages of Having Egress Basement Windows

Egress Basement Windows

There are many benefits that come with egress basement windows. In fact, they are so many that the negatives are rarely considered.

Besides the primary purpose of providing security in your home, egress windows have many other benefits that you start realizing as soon as you install them.

These benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Security in Case of Emergencies

The main reason for installing the window in your basement is to provide an escape route for you and your family to use in case of an emergency such as a fire.

The law requires that you have the window in your basement to ensure that every family member is safe in the event of such a situation. But besides the regulation, you can see that installing the window is to your own good. Something more like a benefit than a requirement by the law.

  1. Added Value on Your Home

In case you want to add to the value of your home, such a window system in your basement is the first thing you should think about. Most home buyers nowadays consider an egress window an important consideration and added advantage. Therefore, having the window gives you a better chance at selling the home than someone without it.

  1. Extra Comfort

Egress windows are a source of ventilation for the basement. The opening allows in natural and clean air to flow into the basement. This also increases the living space and you can comfortably spend time in the basement.

  1. Added Aesthetic Value

There are various materials that are used to construct an egress window system. You can use these materials to your advantage to add extra beauty to your home.

Depending on how your homestead is designed, egress windows are more beautiful when complemented by a patio area or other living space outdoors.

  1. Easy Flow of Natural Light to the Basement

In addition to letting in natural air, egress basement windows allow natural light into the basement. This adds to the comfort benefit. This makes your basement a well-lit and perfectly functional section of the house. In case you need renovations later, you know you are not going to be using a flashlight.

Final Word

The law requires you to install egress basement windows in your basement as a safety precaution in case an emergency such as a fire occurs in your house. However, considering the benefits, installing them should no longer feel like an obligation or regulation one has to adhere to.