7 Key Advantages of Using Grate Drain Systems

Grate Drain Systems

If you have severe water problems in your basement, you want to get a solution that can handle the enormity of the problem. Grate drain systems are the king when it comes to the protection of your basement. It is a water control system with advanced technology to ensure that all the water is driven out.

This drainage system has two large chambers that are used to direct any ground water that may be under the floor of your basement or at the footing/wall joint out to the sump liner. It has punch holes in it that allow it to collect water from the surrounding area. This is very different from other systems, which will only take in water at one end, and pass it through a pipe so that it goes under the slab of your basement instead of being directed away and into the sump liner.

Here are some key advantages of using grate drain systems:

  1. It is custom built – The design of this system was made so that it is fitted or custom made for each basement. It is not one size fits all. Each section has been made such that it can be assembled and adjusted to fit your basement accurately.
  2. Dual chambers –Water enters the drain from beneath the slab of your basement and also from the footing/wall seam. It is then directed by the dual chamber to the sump pump to be pumped away from the house.
  3. Deals with Iron Bacterial Problems- The design of this system is such that it can isolate iron bacteria colonies and ensure that they do not spread all over your basement. With this system, cross contamination is prevented.
  4. Flushable – Grate drain systems come with accessible panels and covers, which make it easy for service technicians to flush the drain.
  5. Economical – The design of this particular system reduces waste because all the pieces are usable.
  6. More value – This system has been engineered so that it gives more value. It is custom assembled and installed, has ridge components and the design is so advanced that it is one of the very best systems out there.
  7. Strong – This is literally the strongest system available in the market today. It is made of extruded PVC.

The components that make it an effective drainage system include outlets, S-adaptors, T-ports and corner ports. They all allow for easy flushing, floor drainage, extensions, easy connection and a dehumidifier plug.