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3 Types of Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing

A finished basement is a valuable addition to any home. However, it is not necessary that your basement has to have a flooring, addition of other rooms, and furniture, to use it for practical purposes. The important point is to construct the basement properly. Checking for any water damage or issues, making sure that the exterior foundation is in good shape, and checking the gutters and downspouts for debris to prevent basement moisture are some of the things you have to do before beginning the construction of your basement. Following are the 3 types of basement finishing:

  1. Finished Basement

A basement that is completely constructed is termed as a finished basement. A finished basement is completely habitable. You can use it as a living room or a recreational room. You can also convert it into a game room, an office, a media room, a gym, and so on. It is a good idea to consider your, and your family’s needs, before finishing a basement. This will help you to use your basement space practically. For example, you may divide the basement area into two sections, one to act as a media room, the other, as a kid’s play area. All the finished basements do not require a complete redesign. For example, you can just put a sectional couch in the basement to divide the basement area. Fresh paint, new rugs, and good lighting fixtures will help to make your basement look good and new.

  1. Unfinished Basement

Unfinished basements are common in homes throughout the United States. You will be able to find the following in an unfinished basement.

  • Water heater
  • A workbench
  • A number of pipes running along the ceiling, and downwards to the floor
  • A refrigerator or a freezer
  • A dryer / washer
  • Boxes of items not required in the house

An unfinished basement is typically used to store old household items. It can be an ideal place to set up your workshop. You don’t have to worry about the metal chips or sawdust or any other material cluttering your floor. Unfinished basements and mostly functional in purpose.

  1. Partially Finished Basement

A partially finished basement is also called as a half-finished basement. It is mostly used by children and teenagers. It can be used as a work area for the entire family. You may also be able to find showers and toilets in this type of basement. The main difference between a partially finished basement and a finished and unfinished basement is that it is entirely unmodified. You may find furniture, gym equipment or recreational appliances in a partially finished basement.

Unfinished basements and partially finished basements are more vulnerable to moisture formation. Regular maintenance is required to keep them moisture-free, and thus mold-free.