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Why Your Basement Remodeling Plans Depend On Egress Windows Waterbury, CT

With a bit of work, your basement can add a lot of living space to your home. Whether you want to invite an older family member to live in your basement in-law suite, want to give your teen his room, or want to create a beautiful space for entertaining, the basement is waiting. One way to ensure the success of your project is to have egress windows installed in your basement. Egress Windows | Waterbury, CT | Budget Dry Waterproofing

It’s the Law

One reason that you want egress windows in the basement is that it’s the law, but that’s not the only reason.

  • The law states that there must be two forms of egress from the basement if it’s going to get used as living space.
  • Egress windows are large enough to use for escape in the case of fire.
  • The law states that you must have at least one of these windows, but most homeowners change them all out since the basement looks better when all of the windows are the same.
  • If the law in your state has any other specific requirements for basement windows, your window contractor will make sure that you’re aware of them.

Peace of Mind for All

You and those who live in the basement will enjoy peace of mind. Knowing that your family member has a means of escape if they need it. Everyone in the house will sleep better, knowing that everyone in the home is safe. Since these windows are more extensive and allow more air and sun into the basement, they can also help inhibit the growth of mold.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Egress windows are aesthetically pleasing from inside and outside the basement. Those living in the basement will appreciate the natural sunlight that pours in from these large windows. Basement can sometimes make you feel like you’re living in a cave, you won’t have that feeling with these windows. Their larger size is perfect for the basement. These windows also let plenty of fresh air in the basement when they are open.

Make sure that as you’re planning to use your basement for living space that you call for expert egress window installation. You’ll love the safety and peace of mind that you get from the experts. You’ll also like the way they change the look of your property for the better. Not only that, but these windows also add value to your home, which is always a good thing. You can’t go wrong with these windows.

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