Why You Should Consider Enlarging Your Basement Egress Windows

Basements are no longer dark dungeons. You can reimagine your basement into anything. It can be a home gym, a man cave, a crafts room or even a granny flat.

Whether you want to convert your basement into an extra bedroom or living room, upgrading your basement egress windows can go a long way in transforming the space.

  1. You can increase natural light in the basement

Even the most luxurious space will not be comfortable if it is dark. Artificial lighting can’t provide the same light and airy feeling that comes with natural light. Natural light has been shown to have various positive effects including improving mood and lessening depression. You can transform what feels like a dark and isolated space into an open and comfortable space by simply allowing more natural light in.

  1. You will improve air circulation

Basements are the lowest spaces in homes. They are often not open to the external environment. Circulation of air in these spaces is therefore often poor. Upgrading basement egress windows will help to improve circulation in the basement. This in turn helps to regulate moisture levels and temperatures in the basement as well as the rest of the home.

  1. You will improve the safety of your home

Building codes and regulations have restrictions on the size and design of basement windows. These requirements are designed to improve the safety of the home. Upgrading your windows will provide your home with an extra escape route in case of an emergency. Emergency personnel will also be able to access your home in the event of an emergency and rescue any individuals inside.

  1. You will increase the value of your home

Are you planning to sell your home? Upgrading your basement windows will help to increase the value of your home. The windows transform the basement and make it usable as a living space. This therefore increases the square footage of your home and improves its value.

Hire a Professional Contractor

The installation of basement egress windows is a complex process. Unlike other windows in your home, these are being installed in your foundation. Therefore, you not only have to ensure that they meet the requirements of building codes but also that they do not result in foundation problems.

Be sure to contact a professional for the installation of your windows. This will guarantee the best results for both your windows and your foundation.