Why You Should Consider Egress Window Systems with Window Well Covers

Egress Window Systems

Are you considering different egress window systems for your basement? There are several features and factors to consider when making a choice. One feature you should consider including in your system is a window well cover.

The benefits of window well covers

  1. Enhanced safety

Imagine your child or pet running across your yard and falling into a window well. Chances are that they’ll be severely injured. It may even be worse if the window shatters. A window well cover will prevent these accidents by acting as a protective cover over the window well.

  1. Enhanced security

Egress windows offer burglars and intruders an easy means of access to homes. These windows are designed to allow easy escape in case of an emergency such as a fire. These features make them weaker than other windows. They are therefore a common point of entry for intruders.

A window well cover will improve security by making it harder for intruders to access the egress window. This will deter intruders.

  1. Reduced energy bills

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy bills, installing a window well cover could be the answer you’re looking for. The cover provides additional protection against external temperature fluctuations. This will assist in reducing the costs of heating and cooling the basement and lower levels of the home.

  1. Prevention of water damage

One of the main reasons people install window well covers is to prevent debris, such as branches, leaves and dirt from falling into window wells. These can build up in the well and clog the central drain within the well. This will result in flooding of the window well, which in turn results in leakage into the basement.

Window wells also keep snow out of the window well during winter. While snow won’t cause water damage, the water resulting from the melting of the snow can leak into the basement. Window wells prevent this by keeping snow out of the window well.

  1. Defense against pests

Just like intruders are drawn to the easiest way to access homes so are pests. Pests, such as rats, squirrels and rabbits can find their way into your home through egress window systems. A window well cover will keep these pests out.

Be sure to discuss your options for window well covers with your contractor. You can have custom covers made for better results.