Why Everyone Needs a Quality Sump Pump in Guilford

Sump pumps are important. If you live in a wet climate, a quality sump pump is the difference between a wet and dry basement.

Sump pumps collect the water below and around the foundation and pump it outside keeping your basement dry. Sump pumps are particularly important during rainstorms seasons. If the sump pump goes out during a rainstorm it could cause a massive basement flood within minutes and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. That alone is why everyone needs a quality sump pump in Guilford.

A sump pump in Guilford is like an insurance policy. If you look at it like that, you would choose to install a high quality sump pump.

There are few things that happen if you buy a cheap pump that is not high quality.

Life span shortens

Quality sump pumps typically last 10-15 years. If you don’t get a quality sump pump, you will see pump failure sooner than that. Good quality pumps are built to last. The most common problem with sump pumps is when the pump is too small for the job. A pump with a lower capacity will run too much and burn out the motor sooner. A pump that is too small for the job will not work as well at keeping the basement dry. If it is too small or low quality, it may not pump out the water fast enough and your basement could still flood even with a working pump. A good quality sump pump can pump hundreds of gallons of water out and save you thousands of dollars worth of damage to your basement.

Pump fails more often

A low quality sump pump usually has more pitfalls and short comings. The most common problem with sump pumps is the switch. High quality pumps have better switches overall. There are several different types and styles of switches. Among the different switches, there are different degrees of quality. For example, two pumps may both have float switches but one is higher quality than the other. The float switch on the better pump is less likely to fail.


The motors are an easy way to determine a higher quality pump. Typically, the better pump comes with a bigger and stronger the motor. The higher horse power motors tend to be higher quality pumps.

Pump capacity

Remember, when you are looking at the pump capacity make sure it is factoring in the head or length of vertical pipe that the water needs to travel before exiting the basement. Most pump capacity is measured at zero head but if you have a 10 foot long pipe as a discharge line than that will need to be factored in. Don’t compare apples to oranges and measure one pump at zero head and another at 10 feet head.

If you don’t install a high quality pump, you will be paying for it either in water damage to your basement or in a replacement pump when the poor quality pump fails. We ask a lot out of our sump pumps. Even good quality sump pumps are pushed to their brink and will fail eventually. Just a good quality one will last a lot longer. If you choose a high quality sump pump system, it is a good idea to consider a battery back-up system as another level to guard your basement against water intrusion.