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When You Need Mold Testing | Waterbury, CT


Have you spotted mold in your home? You may even be dialing the number of a mold inspector right now. Stop and read on to find out exactly when you should invest in mold testing.

Visible mold

Many of the guidelines you’ll come across online will tell you to get in touch with a mold inspector as soon as you see visible signs of mold. However, the truth is that if you can see the mold, then you probably don’t need testing.

Testing is done to confirm the presence of mold and what type of mold you’re fighting. However, if you can actually see the mold, you don’t need confirmation of an infestation. You should, however, have your home inspected. This will tell you just how widespread the infestation is, and how much it will cost to get rid of the mold.

When mold testing is necessary

Mold inspection and testing can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The cost varies depending on the individual contractor you hire, as well as the size of your home. Larger homes cost much more to inspect and test.

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The following are instances when you should invest in mold testing.

  • Presence of a musty smell

Does your home smell damp or musty? That smell may be an indication of the presence of mold. Inspection and testing will tell you for sure. You will know whether the levels of mold in your home are elevated and where the infestation is located.

  • When you have had water damage issues

If you’ve had water damage, there is a high chance that you will experience an infestation. If you suspect that the leaks or water issues in your home have caused a mold problem, you should call a professional contractor to have your home inspected and tested. Remember that mold can exist in those hard to reach areas such as behind the walls and in your ventilation system.

  • After mold remediation

If you’ve had mold removed from your home recently, it’s a good idea to have mold testing done. This will ensure that the mold issues were resolved completely with the remediation.

  • Health concerns

If you or other members of your household are showing unexplained symptoms that could be related to mold infestations such as chronic sore throats, chronic sinus infections, coughing, headaches, hives, rashes or unexplained fatigue, you should have your home tested to rule out a mold infestation.


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