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What to Expect with Eco-Friendly Mold Remediation | Hartford, CT

Mold Removal | Hartford, CT





It may be that you’re concerned about the state of the earth and want to do all you can to reduce your impact on the planet. It may be that you’re simply concerned about the state of your household’s health and prefer eco-friendly solutions as they are less harmful than conventional ones. Whatever your motivation is for hiring an eco-friendly contractor for mold remediation, you’re probably curious as to what you should expect.

The general process of mold remediation is the same whether the company is applying green practices or not. The major difference between the two is that green mold removal companies make use of eco-friendly products and equipment. They will also find sustainable ways to manage a damaged property from the infected site.

Mold Removal | Hartford, CT

In general, the process of removing mold from a home will include:

  1. Containment of contaminated areas

Areas infested by mold are identified and contained. This often involves the use of barrier sheets and negative air machines to prevent cross contamination. Air from the contaminated areas is prevented from flowing into other parts of the home and distributing mold spores.

  1. Air scrubbing and HEPA vacuuming

A High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) vacuum is used to filter mold spores from the air in the contaminated space. Air scrubbers ensure that the air circulating in the room is free of any mold spores. Regular air filtration systems are not adequate for this process. This is because mold spores are very small. Regular systems will end up distributing the spores and making the situation even worse.

  1. Mold removal

This step involves killing and physically removing mold from the premises. It is the step that often differentiates green contractors from regular contractors. Regular contractors will rely on synthetic chemicals to kill mold. Green contractors use products that have been carefully formulated to kill mold with the least possible impact on the environment. For example, using plant based enzymes will result in the destruction of the mold without releasing toxic fumes or products that can be harmful to other living organisms.

It is also important to note that porous materials that were infested will have to be removed from the premises. A green contractor will ensure that these materials are disposed of in the most sustainable way.

  1. Post remediation assessment

It is important to have a third party inspect and run tests to ascertain that the mold remediation process was successful. Arrange for this to be done several weeks after the remediation.

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