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What to Do If Your Baby Is Exposed to Black Mold

The arrival of a new member of the family can be very exciting. However, having a sick baby isn’t fun at all. It’s normal for babies to get the common cold. They may exhibit symptoms such as runny noses, headaches, and much more from time to time. However, when these symptoms are present consistently, and the medicine the doctor prescribed doesn’t work, it’s time to consider looking for the culprit in your basement.

Basement Mold and Your Baby:

Babies are more susceptible to illnesses. This is because their immune systems are still developing. They are therefore easy targets. Parents and caregivers should therefore do their best to minimize the level of exposure of infants to disease causing agents.

If you have a baby in your home, you should be concerned about black mold in basement. This mold will have a profound impact of the quality of air in the entire home. Mold spores dispersed in the basement are carried by air that rises through the home. Your baby will therefore be exposed to these spores.

Inhaling black mold spores exposes babies to mycotoxins. These are toxic substances produced by the mold. These can have harmful effects on babies including causing pulmonary hemorrhage.

Babies that survive the adverse effects of mold in infancy are likely to be followed by the effects of the mycotoxins for a lifetime. They are likely to develop allergies as well as conditions such as asthma later on in life.

What to do if you suspect that your baby is exposed to black mold in basement

The first and most important thing to do is take the baby out of the polluted environment. This will reduce their exposure to the mold. Ensure that they see a pediatrician and are treated for the exposure. Early diagnosis helps to reduce the chances of long term effects on the baby.

The next step is to remove the mold from your home. Mold remediation is a job that should be left to the professionals. Don’t attempt to clear mold on your own as you are not likely to get rid of it completely. Mold infestations often run deeper than can be observed with the naked eye.

Contact a registered mold remediation company to be sure that the entire infestation is removed. Ensure that the contractor returns for subsequent testing for residual infestations.

Black mold in basement can have adverse effects on your baby and their future. Don’t put your child’s future at risk by ignoring the problem.

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