What To Do About Foundation Crack Repair in Killingworth CT

Foundation Crack Repair in Killingworth CT

One of the most common remedies home owners turn to when faced with foundation cracks is epoxy injections. However, if you ask any professional waterproofing contractor, epoxy injections aren’t the best choice for foundation crack repair. In fact, professional contractors use specialized solutions for crack repair and no longer rely on epoxy, and with good reason.

  1. It remains in liquid state for a long time before hardening

Liquid epoxy is often used by DIYers for foundation crack repair. However, this material remains in liquid state for several hours. It can therefore leach into the soil that surrounds the foundation. This will not only contaminate the soil but also leave a void behind. This void can allow water through. You will therefore not have solved your problem.

  1. It is difficult to use it on previously repaired cracks

If you happened to have repaired a crack in the past using epoxy injection, it will be very difficult to repair it using epoxy if it fails in future. This is because the epoxy won’t flow as effectively into the cracks that have formed in the previous epoxy like it does when repairing a solid mass.

  1. It cannot be used when water is still leaking through

If you want to repair a crack that is leaking, you may have to wait until the dry season if you intend to use an epoxy injection. This is because epoxy cannot be used on damp or wet surfaces. You will therefore have to live with the wet basement until the crack dries up and that isn’t an option.

  1. Epoxy can crack

Epoxy isn’t a long term solution. As the foundation shifts and moves, the epoxy seal, which is rigid, will crack to accommodate the movement. You will therefore have to repair the area once again.

What to do

Epoxy injections offer temporary relief for a problem that needs a permanent solution. While they may seem cheap, it will cost you much more to keep repairing the area than it would if you applied a permanent solution in the first place.

Get in touch with a professional waterproofing contractor who can advise you on the best method to apply for foundation crack repair. They can help you identify permanent solutions that will ensure that you only spend money once and never have to worry about the cracks in your foundation for a long time to come.