Foundation Crack Repair


Are Basement Wall Cracks Letting Moisture Into Your Home?

We have the solution. At Budget Dry, we have the solution to fix any basement wall crack, from smaller hairline wall cracks to foundations in need of foundation repair.

Our Basement Crack Repair Solutions

Basement Wall Crack Injection

For basic basement wall cracks, we inject a specialized material into the crack that creates a lasting bond with the original wall that keeps the water out and the basement dry. Our advanced material is flexible enough to withstand the wide temperature swings that we face in Connecticut, NY and MA. After the injection, all of our crack repairs are finished with a waterproof, fire retardant membrane with an appealing aesthetic.

Carbon Fiber Wall Epoxy Staples

When you have a cut, sometimes you need stiWall-Crack-Reapir-1tches to keep it closed. Your foundation is no different. While most cuts in concrete walls can be repaired with injection methods, sometimes we have to manually stitch the wall back together. A Carbon Fiber wall staple does just that. A countersunk staple is inserted and secured with epoxy into the wall. The crack is repaired and a membrane is installed over the work so your wall does not look like Frankenstein (as in the picture to the left).

Carbon Fiber Wall Strips for Bracing Concrete Blocks

When hydrostatic pressure builds up in the soil, or the soils expand with water saturation, over time it can push against your wall and cause bowing. Bowing or a leaning wall can cause serious structural damage in the rest of the home

Budget Dry can stabilize bowing walls in concrete block using 12 In. x 8 Ft. Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Strips. The strips are stronger than steel and have virtually a flat profile. This method strengthens displaced walls, take a look at this video below to understand how strong this solution can be.

From time to time, crack repair is not enough to fix the structural problems in a foundation.

When a foundation settles or shifts laterally and cracks start to form, foundation repair may be necessary. Basement foundation cracks form because of a variety of reasons including; improper maintenance and landscaping around the foundation.  Foundation settling can occur in a matter of days or years, and commonly affects homes built on expansive clay or improperly compacted fill soils.

Foundation repair work is very technical, and should never be attempted without the direction of a professional basement contractor or basement foundation engineer. Contact us immediately if you think your basement crack may be structural.