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If you are a homeowner, you will concur that your home’s crawl space or basement is that one area you shudder thinking about. The maxim of out-of-sight out of mind seems to work perfectly when it comes to these underneath spaces but the impact of this attitude is ineluctable. This is where Grate products come into save the day.

Dangers of Basement Neglect

While it is easy to ignore this space and move on with life, the consequences are nevertheless devastating. The main problem emanates from water seepage through the ground and foundation walls. Due to poor grading, stagnant water seeps through walls eventually leading to mold growth, high humidity levels and wall structural damage among other risks.

If a professional contractor does not look into these problems, your house will lose market value while your family will suffer respiratory problems due to mold growth. What’s more, there will be damage to valuable items in the basement and you will continue underutilizing this space.

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Efficacy of Grate Products

With Grate products, you can easily revolutionize this much maligned space and turn it into a delightful indoor room where everyone likes to stay. It might sound like a gimmick but once you have identified a reputable basement contractor in your area with experience in using Grate solutions this will turn into reality.

Of course, you will find many other basement proofing products in the market but the rich heritage espoused by every item from this category means you are banking on reliability. These are tested and proven basement water proofing solutions that have undergone intense research and refinement over the years.

Grate Systems for Basements

With this hindsight, it becomes obvious that ignoring your basement anymore can be a costly blunder. Luckily, the Basement Health Association (BHA) says that early diagnosis and remedying of moisture problems in the basement is 98% effective.

Some of the Grate systems your contractor will propose include:

  • Grate trench systems to help drain both ground water and surface water without compromising wall integrity.
  • French drains which have received a 99.4% effectiveness rate from the Foundation Repair Association, Inc. (FRA).
  • Grate sumps, which are more effective due to the ergonomically designed box where you fit your sump pump allowing trapping of more water.
  • Crawl space leakage solutions to avoid flooding.

You will get a myriad other Grate products that your contractor will leverage to provide lasting solutions for your basement or crawl space. With over 30 years of expertise in basement waterproofing industry this is a brand whose mission is to make every home a better place and isn’t this what you have always strived for?

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