Tips for Sump Pump Drainage in Stamford CT 06905

If you’re like most home owners with sump pumps, you probably know how to turn it on and off. However, there is more to the proper function of a sump pump than simply ensuring that it goes on and off at the right time. The water that it pumps has to drain out somewhere.

Not many people are particularly concerned about sump pump drainage in Stamford CT 06905. If it were up to most of us, we’d let the water run onto the ground and let it seep into the soil. However, this method of draining water from your basement can result in environmental hazards. It is also a counterproductive method since the water will find its way back into your basement.

Sump pump owners are responsible for the drainage of the water they pump out. When determining the best way to get rid of the water, you may want to consider the following tips:

  • More than 20-feet away

The whole reason you have installed a sump pump is to get rid of water in your basement. This water comes mostly from the water in the soil that seeps through the foundation walls. It is therefore important to ensure that the water pumped out of the basement drains as far away from the foundation as possible. This ensures that the water is not reabsorbed and finds its way back through your foundation.

  • Not into your septic tank

If you have a septic tank near your home, don’t allow the water you pump from your basement to drain into this tank. You are likely to overload the tank with water and cause it to flood or work inefficiently.

It is also not advisable to drain the water into the sewer system. You are likely to flood the system if you do.

  • Not in your neighbor’s lot

Unless you have a death wish, do not drain the water you pump from your basement into your neighbor’s lot. You’ll only cause more problems for yourself.

  • Drain into a storm drain

Ensure that you drain the water into your nearest storm water drain. This will carry the water away from your home and will not cause interference with the sewer system in your area.

  • Check your tubing

Ensure that the tubing you use for sump pump drainage in Stamford CT 06905 is intact. It should be securely attached to the pump and should not have any holes along it.