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The Danger of Moisture in Crawl Spaces – Danbury, CT

Many people opt for building crawl spaces because they are much cheaper to construct than basements. Some people choose to have a crawl space because the ground on which they are constructing will not allow them to construct a basement. Crawl spaces are therefore a practical solution for many homes. They can provide access to the home for services such as plumbing, heating and cooling as well as electrical works.

However, when you add water to these spaces, you’ll have a big problem. Moisture in crawl spaces in New Haven can result in rot and the growth of mold which can create a serious problem for indoor air quality and deterioration of the structure of the home.

Indoor air quality

Although many people are unaware of it, mold is one of the biggest health hazards associated with the home. Mold form in humid and warm conditions. The term mold is used as a generalization for a wide variety of fungal spores that float around and grow when conditions are conducive.

Fungal spores spread quite easily in the air. They can spread in the air within your home and be inhaled by the residents of your home. These spores can result in the development of various health problems including allergies, asthma and infections in people with suppressed immune systems.

Indoor air quality is also affected by the development of dust mites in the crawl space. Dust mites thrive in places that are dark, moist and warm. Dust mites are easily distributed in the home in the air we breathe. They can also cause the development of allergies.

Wood rot

Moisture in a crawl space can result in wood rot. The wood rot is the result of the development of fungi that eat up the cellulose of the cells of wood and use it as a source of food. The structure of the wood is thereby compromised. The development of wood rot will result in the deterioration of the structure of the entire home.

Foundational cracks

Extra moisture in the ground in the crawl space will result in problems for your foundation. The extra moisture will cause the soil to expand. The expanding soil will press against the walls of the foundation. The result is the formation of cracks in the foundation. The appearance of these cracks is a clear sign that your foundation is in immediate need of repair.

It is important to contact a professional contractor to inspect your crawl space and to help ensure that it remains free of moisture.

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