Sump Pump Maintenance in Connecticut

When Was The Last Time You Got Your Sump Pump Checked?

You’d think that the bigger the investment you make in something, the more you’d take care of it, right? You make sure your car is well oiled, filled with gas, and have working brakes before a long drive. You charge your phone before a flight. You (we hope) get your teeth cleaned at least yearly. So why do you ignore the health of your house?

If you’re not making regular maintenance checks on your sump pump you’re putting one of your biggest investments–your house–in jeopardy. Over time, especially with the Connecticut weather, water begins to collect in your sump basin.

Your sump pump helps protect your foundation from cracks and basement from floods caused by excess water, but if it’s not functioning properly your house is at risk.

example photo of sump pump system
So, do you know when the last time your sump pump was checked? Probably not, but it’s not too late.

The first step is scheduling a check up from a licensed Connecticut basement technician. The most responsible thing you can do to protect your home, however, is scheduling recurring annual maintenance on your sump pump.

Knowing your important purchases are working properly and are well protected gives you priceless peace of mind. Make sure you’re getting that same peace of mind for your home by getting yourself an annual sump pump maintenance program from Budget Dry. Schedule a call today to learn more about the details.