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Vapor Barrier

When was the last time you inspected your crawlspace? Did you know that over 70% of the air you breathe in your house comes from the crawlspace? If you are like most homeowners, this might shock you, but the situation is even worse. If your crawlspace is wet, there is a high likelihood of toxic mold growth.

This means your family will be at risk of respiratory infections caused by mold spores. This is one reason why the topic of vapor barrier has taken a prominent position in home maintenance. A moist crawlspace also poses danger to the structure. It can lead to dry rot and rust and these will compromise the integrity of the foundation.

In essence, both your family and your home are at great risk though this risk is hidden. A neglected crawlspace will also attract critters and rodents which can damage utility lines leading to devastating fire accidents.

If your family is suffering from increased respiratory infections, it is most likely that your crawlspace is leaking. Presence of critters and rodents on your property is also an indicator that you need a quick solution. If you have noticed a musty odor in the lower levels of the house, this is a clear sign of mold growth which requires immediate action.

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Using a Vapor Barrier

There are many more reasons to invest in a vapor barrier as part of your next home improvement model. This barrier is made from heavy-duty plastic sheeting placed between a frame wall and studs. The idea is to prevent moisture entry into the crawlspace. While your crawlspace might not have an obvious water entry point, condensation can still lead to pools of standing water causing damage to electrical wiring, water piping, foundation wood joists and upper house floor boards.

It is important to hire a foundation contractor when dealing with crawlspace waterproofing. This space is not easy to access and only an expert should handle this project. A contractor has the right tools for easy inspection and installation of the barrier.

While most homeowners prefer DIY projects to cut costs, it is important to appreciate the complexity of dealing with crawlspace moisture. With a crawlspace contractor, you not only install a vapor barrier but also permanently seal any source of water in this space. It is important to permanently deal with the moisture problem to prevent damage to your property while also guaranteeing the health of your family.


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