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Pro tips for Renovating a Basement with Basement Wall Cracks New Haven, CT

Foundation Repair | New Haven, CT

Are you planning to renovate your basement? This is a great way to increase the square footage of your home without having to invest in a major construction project. You’ll simply need to convert space that already exists in your home into a living space.

However, your renovation project can run into difficulties when you encounter basement wall cracks. Cracks in a foundation wall can signify various underlying issues with the foundation. They can also be a source of seepage in the basement. If left unattended to, they can result in the damage of your property.

The following are tips to get the best results out of your home renovation when you have to deal with basement wall cracks.

  1. Look for signs of seepageFoundation Repair | New Haven, CT

Not all cracks result in seepage. It is therefore important to search for signs of seepage within the basement. This could be in the form of water stains, a damp or musty smell or even pools of water.


  1. Have your property inspected

This is especially important when you have basement wall cracks. Have the basement inspected as well as the rest of the property to identify any potential issues. A professional inspection can reveal the root cause of the cracking and help you determine the best solution for crack repair to prevent future issues with the foundation.

  1. Keep the end in mind

There are several different methods of repairing basement wall cracks available in the market. Be sure to consider your goal of finishing the basement when choosing the repair method. For example, using carbon fiber straps is a great way to provide support to your basement wall and allow for finishing of your basement with just about any material. Carbon fiber straps also don’t require maintenance. You therefore won’t have to destroy the finishing later.

  1. Go for a long-term solution

It’s tempting to go for a quick fix when it comes to wall crack repair. After all, it will be covered up by whatever material you choose to finish your basement. The problem with this is that the issues will continue to escalate. When they finally do come to a head, the consequences will most likely be devastating.

It’s best to choose a solution with long term results. This often includes a combination of repair methods.

Be sure to deal with the cracks before you proceed to finishing the basement. This will spare you the pain of having your investment destroyed.


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