Options for Foundation Crack Repair with Carbon Fiber

Foundation Crack Repair

Today, many professional basement contractors use carbon fiber for foundation crack repair and rightly so. The material is amazingly strong but quite light. It is therefore quickly replacing steel and other metals for applications in basement repair.

Carbon fiber offers strength for the basement walls. It also allows for a much more attractive finish compared to other metals.

Different Options

When you need foundation crack repair, your basement contractor will provide you with various options. There are currently two main options for the repair of foundation cracks with carbon fiber. These are:

  1. Carbon fiber staples

This type of repair is similar to the stitches you receive from your doctor when you have a deep cut. Carbon fiber staples allow you to ‘stitch’ the wall back together and therefore repair the crack. The staples are inserted and secured into the wall with an epoxy. A membrane is then installed over the crack. The result looks similar to the stitches you’d get in a hospital. The good news is that you can apply whatever finish you prefer to hide the ‘stitches’.

  1. Carbon fiber strips

These come as wide (12 inch) or narrow (6 inch) strips. These strips are installed at various points in the wall to prevent further movement of the wall and therefore prevent further damage. The wide strips are used to cover more surface and provide a stronger bond. This ensures a longer-lasting repair. Narrow strips are used for smaller surfaces.

Which Option is Best?

This will depend on the type of damage in your basement and the extent of damage. It is therefore important to have your basement contractor inspect your basement and let you know which solution they think is best. You should have more than one contractor have a look at your basement and provide you with a quotation. This ensures that you can compare various options and determine which works best for you.

It is important to note that some unscrupulous contractors may try to lowball their prices by providing you with a poor solution. They may use narrow strips or staples instead of wide strips simply because they are a cheaper option. Don’t be fooled. Compare different solutions and talk to different contractors before settling on a solution.

Carbon fiber is a great solution for foundation crack repair. However, it shouldn’t be attempted as a DIY project. Always have a professional basement waterproofing contractor to repair cracks in your basement. This ensures that they apply the solution for the best results.