Obvious Signs That You Have a Bad Case of Basement Leakage in Meriden CT 06450

You’ve probably heard about water leaks that find their way into the basement and thought that that only happened in other peoples’ places, and therefore never bothered to check yours. Perhaps you should take time to check, you may find that you are not safe from basement leakage after all. It may take you by surprise, but the good news is basement leakages are not isolated cases and can always be stopped.

Leakage in a basement can cause significant damage to your house or property. Your health and that of others living in your house will certainly be at risk of respiratory problems due to mold, which loves moist environments like that of your leaky basement.

Signs that you may have basement leakage in Meriden CT 06450:

It’s prudent to deal with a basement leakage in Meriden CT 06450 before it gets worse. Immediate response will save you money and maintain the value of your building. Below are the obvious signs that you have this problem.

  • Mold

Mold is known to thrive well in humid and wet environments. A leaking basement is sure to be wet and will take some considerable time to dry, keeping in mind no sunshine gets there. It is this dampness that causes mold growth. If you see or smell the musky scent of mold in your basement, then you have a leak.

  • Honey-combed surfaces

If you notice some rough honey-combed surfaces on the concrete in the basement, these usually form avenues where water can leak through and into the basement. The honeycombing normally comes about as a result of bad construction, and if you have it, chances are high that you also have basement leakage.

  • Stained basement walls

When water leaks down into your basement, it leaves streaks of unsightly stains as it slowly trickles down the wall leaving its residue and minerals. Such stains will definitely make for an ugly sight, not to mention the loss in value of your building. Stained basement walls are a certain indication that you have leaks.

  • Signs of water in the cracks of a concrete foundation

There are always fine cracks in a concrete foundation that occur during the pouring and curing process. In a properly waterproofed basement, you shouldn’t have water coming in through these cracks, and if you do see signs of water around them, you can be certain that your basement is leaking.