Mold Removal For Increased Property Value – Salem, MA

If you own a residential property, now is a great time to sell. The property market is on the road to recovery and you can take advantage of the steady increase in property prices. However, you’ll need to work on your property to ensure that you get the best price.

Mold can affect your property’s value

If your house has a mold infestation, it’s time to invest in mold removal. Mold can have a significantly negative impact on the value of your property.

  1. Visual evidence

Buyers don’t expect a home to be perfect, especially when it has been lived in. They however, would prefer to purchase a home that is in good condition. Mold can affect the appearance of the interior of your home drastically. Mold leaves stains and spots on surfaces that can cause the valuation of your home to be lowered because of cosmetic reasons.

  1. A sign of moisture problems

The presence of mold is often an indication of a moisture problem in the home. This could be foundation seepage, lack of ventilation, or leaking plumbing. Whatever the source of moisture, the problem would have to be resolved by the buyer. This would be an expense to them. Many buyers would insist on a lower buying price to cater for these expenses.

  1. Increased health issues

A home that has mold is not a healthy environment. People who live in these environments will start experiencing a variety of health symptoms including allergies. Children are especially vulnerable. They are more likely to develop asthma as a result of exposure to mold spores.

Get rid of mold for increased value

There are several factors that are considered when valuing a home. Air quality is one of them. Special attention will be paid to indications of the presence of mold. If your home has mold, it will most likely be valued much lower than the fair market price.

It’s therefore a good idea to invest in mold removal even before the valuation is done. A professional company will clean out the mold and make it seem like you never had mold in the first place.

Go a step further and hire a mold removal company that will not only get rid of the mold but also deal with the moisture issue. This will help to ensure that there are no other factors to lower the value of your home.