How to Repair Your Concrete Foundation in New Haven CT

Concrete Foundation in New Haven CT

It always helps to know the initial warning symptoms pertaining to the foundation related problems and rectify them early so that you can save several thousands of dollars to fix the problems at a later stage. The faster these potential problems are identified by you, the less costly and easier it is to repair them. If you find that the concrete has started flaking and chipping, you can check its condition by poking it in some places with a strong screwdriver. If you are unable to damage it, it indicates that the concrete is hard. On the other hand, if a piece of it breaks or gets chipped, there may a possibility of the deterioration of the concrete due to the mix constituting of excess water or salty or dirty sand.
There are many house owners who may at times observe issues related to the concrete foundation that may be caused due to cracks on the floor, on the wall of the foundation and in the basement. Such cracks may be usually formed due to thermal movement, drying shrinkage or any other issues. Over a period of time, these foundation cracks may become wider and can lead to severe structural problems or wet basements. Foundation waterproofing is a good remedy to rectify the problem of wet basements. Slab and foundation crack not only look bad aesthetically but can often result in more serious issues related to maintenance. As a consequence, your home’s value may come down in the real estate market.
There are several techniques for repairing unstable and settled foundations. Such repair techniques are usually known as Piering, Foundation Lifting, Foundation Stabilization and Underpinning. Since all these foundation problems are complex in nature, it is crucial to opt for the correct type of repair.

Repair of Foundation Crack

You need not go for a disruptive and expensive drain tile or excavation to permanently repair the cracks in the foundation as there is an easy way to do so. A two-step Urethane/Epoxy injection can do the trick at most of the times.

Repair of Basement/Bowed Foundation Walls

When the exterior soil exerts pressure, it can cause bowing and inward deflection of block foundation walls. If the problem is not treated in time, it can lead to catastrophic failure.

Reinforcement of Carbon Fiber

Originally the aerospace and military industry used the technology involving carbon fiber. The reason for the popularity of this technology is its capability of resisting elongation and high strength.  The basement walls in your home can be reinforced by the carbon fiber when the interior wall of your home gets compressed so that continuous bowing and cracking will not occur.