How to Help Energy Efficiency with a Vapor Barrier in Bristol CT 06010

When you think of energy efficiency, most people don’t realize that their basements or crawl spaces play a big part in the overall comfort of their homes. That’s because these areas are part of the building envelope, which encloses conditioned areas through which thermal energy can transfer to or from the outside environment.  Air and water can infiltrate homes through these areas making your HVAC system work harder.

Installing a basement vapor barrier in Bristol CT 06010 can significantly reduce your energy costs as well as extend the life of your HVAC system. Your basement or crawl space is an integral component of interrelated systems that work together to make your home comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. Your entire home is built off the foundation and piers that enclose this area and whether you like to think about it or not, much of the fresh air that enters your home comes from here. Ignoring problems such as excess moisture in this area can cause premature HVAC failure and exacerbate other problems such as mold growth.

Properly installed vapor barriers virtually eliminate moisture migration into your house. Vapor barriers are one of the most efficient ways to tighten your building envelope as well as reduce mildew or condensation buildup and musty smells coming from HVAC vents.

A well-designed vapor barrier in Bristol CT 06010 will be at least six millimeters thick and be continuous, with no breaks. The perimeter of the vapor barrier should be fastened to the foundation walls and support piers, and taped or caulked to ensure a continuous, effective seal. To learn how a vapor barrier can benefit your home, contact us at Budget Dry for a free consultation.