How to Fix Leaks in Your Home | Waterbury, CT

Every homeowner knows that a leaking basement can be a real nightmare. Whether the basement is simply soaked or susceptible to dampness or leakage, the threat can be a headache.. Simply follow the guidelines below.

Diagnose the Origin of the Problem

There are two major sources that contribute to basement leaks, and these are high indoor humidity levels and water vapor from the outside. Melting snow, groundwater and in some cases rainwater saturates soil surrounding your foundation, and it leaks in.

To identify the origin of the problem, use aluminum foil by taping it to the wall of your basement and within a couple of days, inspect it. If there is water on the foil’s surface, it proves humidity is high, and if it is underneath, the leak is from the walls.

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Hire a Professional Company

To effectively deal with the problem of a leaking basement, work with a professional company. Before you do this you need to take a couple of factors into consideration. The repairs can either be minor or complex. The cost varies in accordance to the areas affected and extent of the problem.

There are numerous companies offering these repair services. Therefore, you should exercise caution before you decide to hire one. The most sensible thing to do is ask for cost estimates by contacting several companies and doing a comparison.

Be on the lookout for a company that guarantees quality repairs. Ideally, the company should carry out an extensive evaluation of both the outside and inside of your home before offering a solution. Beware of companies that seek to address the issue without looking at the entire picture.

Identify the Best Waterproofing System for your Needs

Professional basement repair contractors are in agreement that one size does not necessarily fit all. Every leaking problem is unique and this means choosing a system that works beautifully for your home needs.

Note that hiring a professional company to address your basement leak repair issue is the most reliable way to address the problem. This is because professionals use the best technology and tools to carry out the repair work. Therefore, read reviews, talk to family and friends and research extensively to hire a professional company.