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Wet Basements – 4 Affordable Ways to Avoid Costly Repairs

Wet basements are the stuff of nightmares for many homeowners and rightly so. Repairing a wet basement can be costly. You will not only lose valuable property to water damage, but will also have to have the damaged foundation repaired.

If you want to avoid the costs of dealing with wet basements, you should take the precautions to avoid such a situation in the first place. This doesn’t have to involve anything costly or too time-consuming. Some affordable ways you can avoid costly repairs include:

  1. Extending your downspouts

Extending your downspouts will help to keep water from pooling near the foundation. Your downspouts should be draining water not less than 8 feet from the foundation wall. If the downspouts drain water near the foundation, the water will seep into the soil and cause an increase in hydrostatic pressure acting against the foundation wall. This will result in bowing of the wall and the formation of cracks, which will eventually leak and cause a wet basement.
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Having your downspouts extended can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the solution you choose. Be sure to discuss your options with a waterproofing professional for an effective solution.

  1. Clean your downspouts and gutters regularly

Ensure that your downspouts and gutters are clear of debris. Debris can clog the roof drainage system resulting in leaking. The water that leaks from the system will pool near the foundation, which can cause foundation damage and a wet basement. Cleaning your roof drainage system regularly will help to prevent this.

Have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. The best times for this are autumn and spring when debris is most likely to be present.

  1. Correct the grade of your landscape

Does your landscape slope toward the foundation? If so, water that has seeped into the soil could be flowing toward the foundation and causing an increase in hydrostatic pressure. Have the slope of the landscape changed to encourage the flow of water away from the foundation.

  1. Get rid of flower beds and shrubs

Do you have plants that grow close to your foundation? While they may be good for curb appeal, the roots of these plants could be wreaking havoc on your foundation. Uproot shrubs and trees growing near the foundation to safeguard it from the damage that the roots can cause.

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