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 Finishing Your Basement?

Are you considering finishing your basement? This is a great idea. It will not only increase the value of your property, but also provide you with more living space and the opportunity to make some extra money if you decide to rent the space to a tenant.

A basement finish can be quite expensive. There is often a lot that needs to be done to make the space habitable. Homeowners are faced with the decision to hire a professional contractor or to do it themselves.

Why you need a contractor

  • You’ll save money

While many people opt to do the basement finish on their own in order to save money, it often turns out that they spend more money in the long run. A professional’s services are actually not so expensive when all things are considered.

A professional understands what needs to be done and will ensure that you have everything done right the first time round. If you hire a reliable and reputable contractor, they can help you identify areas that you can cut costs and therefore make the most of your budget. Good contractors will make use of their wide network to get you great deals of materials and therefore, help you save money.

  • You’ll meet the required codes and regulations

There are various codes and regulations that govern the construction and real estate industries. Many DIY homeowners will not bother with getting the right permits to ensure that they are working in line with the regulations. This ends up being a serious problem down the line when construction is halted or their space is closed off because of a lack of permits.

A professional with experience will know what permits need to be obtained and the building codes that have to be followed to ensure that your finished basement is legal. They will ensure that these permits are obtained and that the codes are met. You won’t have to worry come time for inspection.

  • Identifying underlying problems

There are many problems that can surface in the course of finishing a basement. This can include the discovery of mold or a structural problem, such as leaking or bowed basement walls. Many of these problems will go unnoticed when doing the basement finish yourself. A professional contractor will recognize these problems in good time and ensure that they are dealt with properly in order to prevent problems in the future.

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