How A Grate Drain Can Keep Your Basement Or Crawl Space Dry

Stay DRY with a Grate Drain

Many homeowners who live with a basement or crawl space do not realize their space is susceptible to water damage until a small problem becomes bigger. Whether you are being proactive and installing a drainage system or you have experienced a leak, investing in the appropriate drainage system for your home will keep the worst from happening or keep it from happening again.

We only use the best system when a certain space requires a sump pump. Most basements and other areas that are below the water-table need to have a drainage system installed to keep water from collecting under the floor and walls. We rely on the Grate Drain system to effectively collect and remove water.

Complemented with its Grate Sump partner, the Grate Drain is more effective than other drainage systems. This is due in large part to the Grate Drain water gathering components that can be installed in corners. Other systems typically have only one collection device that is only placed on a straight wall. Keep in mind that corners are where most clogs are found.

The Grate Drain system that we install is more durable, efficient and cleaner than other systems. Not only is it designed to allow for more water to flow through, but the draining instruments that are placed in the corners are made with an antimicrobial coating that keeps iron from building up and creating destructive clogs.

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate, please contact us before any damage occurs or that leak gets bigger!