Here’s Why Every Home Needs a Battery Backup Sump Pump in Hartford CT

Battery Backup Sump Pump in Hartford CT

Over the last few months, the reality of weather change has become apparent. Millions of homes have suffered from flooding and millions of families are still recovering from water related disasters. If your home has a basement, you should be greatly worried because the location of this part of the house below the surface makes it prone to water entry.

In fact, many homes that don’t lie in flood prone areas have suffered due to water damage that has occurred in the basement. One of the best solutions to safeguard the basement is the installation of a sump pump, which has helped to keep basements dry for many years.

How a Sump Pump Works

The location of the basement has made builders recommend installation of a high performance sump pump. This system is installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Rising ground water and even water collected from the soil surrounding the basement flows into a sump pit where a sump pump then pumps it away. When the system is working optimally, there are no problems and the homeowner enjoys peace of mind knowing their home is protected.

Why a Battery Backup Sump Pump Is Crucial

Like with all things mechanical, your home’s primary sump pump can fail due to various reasons. During heavy rains, it is not unusual for power to go out and in such a case; your primary sump pump is rendered useless. This is where a battery backup sump pump comes in handy.

This system kicks in automatically when the primary sump fails probably due to power outage, technical failure or for any other reason. It is important to appreciate that this is a system on its own and a qualified basement contractor will help install it adjacent to the primary sump pump. The main battery backup pumps run on 12 or 24-volt DC battery power and these are ideal in emergencies to avoid flood damage.

When you don’t have any backup for your primary sump pump, you will not only be exposing your family to danger, but you will also be risking property damage when water floods your basement. For these reasons, a battery backup sump pump is considered a major home improvement idea.

When buying these backup sump pumps, consider a higher capacity than the primary sump pump, monitoring systems including battery alarms and technical problems, automatic function, durable construction including the body and ease of installation.

If you are looking for the battery backup sump pump, talk to a certified basement contractor today and get advice on the right appliance. These experts also help with installation and maintenance.