Grate Products

Grate Products: The 100% Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Every homeowner struggles to maintain the basement in tip top condition. The fact that the space is not in regular use leads to gradual neglect. One of the major headaches is of course moisture leakage. The Basement Health Association (BHA) reckons that over 60% of new homes suffer from basement water leakage within the first 10 years.

Grate products have been recommended as the perfect waterproofing solution for many good reasons. The specialized technological water control system features grates that allow easy passage of water. They are also easy to maintain and the sturdy material used to make the products assures homeowners of their low cost maintenance.

Some of the products included in the category include:

1. Grate Sump

Every home requires a sump pump to avoid flooding during storms. However, pumps are not equal in terms of efficiency and reliability. The grate sump pump is optimized to protect your home against flooding with its built-in pump stand, clogging and iron-resistant system, easy-on and off cover, permanent mesh filter, dehumidifier drain plug, air tight cover and dual combination. The pump liner does not remove water from below the foundation and this protects your foundation.

2. Grate Trench

This is a perfect solution to drain water directly into the main system. The drain can adjust to any length, and it has an air resistant valve to prevent odors and moisture from entering back into your basement when it is not in use.  It is designed to keep your basement dry by preventing entry of any water, and it features a cantilever valve system that opens and closes automatically.

3. Grate Drain

This is considered one of the most efficient systems in the Grate products category. It is designed to work with a Grate sump under the basement floor. The sub-floor drainage system quickly channels water to the pit for effective pumping, thus avoiding flooding. The large punched holes allow for quick passage of water, which makes it ideal for homes in flood-prone areas.

Why Grate Products?

One of the most fascinating features in the grate waterproofing systems is an antimicrobial additive which protects bacteria from clinging on the surface.  The systems are also durable, which saves a lot of maintenance costs associated with waterproofing systems. The fact that your home’s structural integrity is not compromised by the Grate sump also makes this product a must-have for every homeowner. These systems also come with industry-leading warranties.

If you are looking for specialized waterproofing products for your basement, then you have an answer in Grate products.