Foundation Repair in Fairfield CT

Foundation Repair in Fairfield CT

Basements used to be forgotten spaces. They were like deep dark dungeons that were only used for storage of items that people didn’t really want to use and wanted out of sight. Once items were in the basement, they were often forgotten.

The real estate industry has come a long way since then. Basements are now being converted into useable living spaces. Home owners can earn extra money by converting their basements into living quarters and renting them out. A finished basement also goes a long way in increasing the value of your home.

Old house woes

If your house is old, you probably have a stone foundation. This was the most popular construction material for basements back in the day. This type of foundation may present a problem if you intend to convert it into a living space. This is because it is prone to crumbling.

Crumbling occurs when the motor joints become weak after years under a lot of pressure. You will need to undertake foundation repair before you can do anything with your basement.

Repairing a crumbling foundation

You may think that the crumbling of your foundation is just an aesthetic problem that is easy to fix. The problems with crumbling foundations often go much deeper. If you intend to convert the space into a living space, foundation repair should include any structural issues.

It is important to have a professional basement contractor come in to evaluate the condition of your basement before you proceed with repair. They will identify any structural issues and advise you on what ought to be done to correct them.

Your contractor will present you with several options for the repair of your foundation. Where structural issues are suspected, you may need to have the wall rebuilt or reinforced. This will ensure that the wall does not collapse in future.

In many cases, foundation repair for a crumbling stone foundation wall will include the replacement of the crumbling mortar. This task can be tedious and requires a lot of experience to get it right and not cause further damage to the foundation walls. It is therefore important to leave this to the professionals. Having the mortar replaced is inexpensive when compared to having an entire wall replaced.

Be sure to have your foundation checked for waterproofing and other issues while you still have the contractor at your disposal. Never attempt to repair a foundation on your own.