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Flooded Basements

Flooded Basements

Is your basement flooded?

A flooded basement can be a disaster; destroying valuables and compromising the integrity of your home. Vacuuming the water out can be a timely and difficult process, especially during those rainstorms in the middle of the night! Simply removing standing water in your basement will not solve the more significant problems associated with flooded basements. Water coming in through the walls of your basement or crawlspace will weaken the foundation over time. Additionally, moisture in the air causes mildew and mold to grow, which can compromise your respiratory system producing symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, headaches, difficulty breathing, and in more serious cases, asthma and pneumonitis.

Correcting Basement Water Problems

Lack of proper drainage causes pooling water around your basement which leads to hydrostatic pressure on the walls. When left unattended this pressure can result in foundation damage, causing foundation cracks, bowed walls, and foundation settlement. Budget Dry has methods of controlling and preventing this water pressure build up. Whether it is through sub floor drains, the use of sump pumps or exterior curtain drain, we have a solution for you!

Take a Proactive Approach

You do not have to put up with a basement flooding anymore! At Budget Dry we have board certified technicians that are experts in finding permanent solutions to basement waterproofing or crawlspace waterproofing as well as our own customer service department who make sure their products work years down the line. Contact us today to have schedule a Budget Dry representative to visit your home FREE! Budget Dry representatives are licensed to serve the entire state of Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and lower New York.

If you are living with a damp, wet, or flooded basement, don’t wait any longer- contact Budget Dry today!

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly Project Managers will come to your home to review your specific situation and guide you through the process of choosing a solution that meets your budget and goals.

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