Enhance Your Bedroom Safety with Egress Windows

An egress window is an opening that is required in a space such as a basement. Its primary function is to serve as an emergency exit in the event of an accident such as fire, but it may also serve to allow entry for natural light. For a window to be considered egress, it must follow the building code requirements that have been set.

Minimum requirements from many building codes for the dimension of such a window are 24 inches in height, 34 inches wide and a clear opening of 5.7 square feet. These requirements vary from state to state, so confirm what your state expects. These windows don’t need keys or tools to be operational. As a matter of fact, they need be operational from the inside without keys.

Where you need to install egress windows

Every room that is set as a sleeping area must have an egress window. So if you are in the process of renovating your basement to use it as a bedroom, the egress window is a must have. Without one, regulations that are in place will not allow you to go on with your bedroom plans.

Installing egress windows can be done on basements that were previously built without them or where the original window was too small. Installing an egress window is not so complicated and you can do it yourself if you have the knowledge and right tools, or you can simply hire a contractor to do it for you.

The basic requirement is that you follow the set dimensions for egress windows. When you are fully done with installing the window, your basement will have a totally new look. It will allow more natural light, and in the event of a fire, fire fighters will easily find their way into the basement and rescue anyone trapped in there.

In basements, egress window installation presents more challenges than in other parts of the building. In addition to meeting the correct height, width and the minimum clear opening, a basement egress window must be able to open fully during rescue with no obstructions.

Advantages of installing egress windows

  • Improves safety in the event of disasters like fire and other natural calamity.
  • Adds value to your home.
  • They bring in more light.
  • Improves on ventilation. 

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