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Egress Windows – What Are the Advantages? in Hartford, CT

Egress windows in the basement provide many benefits to the homeowner. Depending on where you live, they may be required if you plan to use the basement as an additional apartment or a sleeping area. Even if you do not plan to use the basement this way, installing egress windows provides you with many advantages. Take a look at a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you add these windows to your basement.

  1. Improved safety

Egress windows are designed so that they are large enough for an adult to climb in and out of when they need to. If there is an emergency in your home, police, fire, and medical personnel can use these windows to enter the home if the door is blocked or it can’t be opened. If your home catches fire, you can use the egress windows as an escape route, so you have a greater chance of getting out safely.

These windows are especially important if you use your basement for more than storage. This could mean using it as an extra bedroom, family room, or even rehearsal space. The windows provide an additional point of egress other than the stairs leading to the basement. Egress Windows | Hartford, CT | Budget Dry Waterproofing

  1. Daylight and ventilation

Egress windows let in a generous amount of daylight into the basement. Most basements are very dark, and people enjoy having sunlight. Light provides health benefits by regulating your body clock and promoting good sleeping habits. Even if the basement is not used for sleeping, having light is beneficial. It will also reduce your energy costs because you don’t have to turn on electrical lighting as much.

The windows also provide good ventilation, which will improve the air quality in your home. By opening the windows, you allow fresh air into the basement. In addition, the ventilation can reduce the risk of mildew and mold, therefore reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies.

  1. Style and value

There are many different styles of egress windows, so you can choose ones that match the overall look of your home and landscape. Even if you cannot see the windows from the street, having windows that match the rest of your property will enhance its look.

The windows will also increase your home’s value, which is important if you decide to sell in the future. Prospective buyers will appreciate not having to install the windows on their own.

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