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Budget Dry’s basement waterproofing provides each homeowner with the best solution to their basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing, and foundation repair problems. Our project managers will come to your home to review your basement situation, detecting basement leaks and identifying the source of the water. Something that’s not always understood by homeowners is that the air quality of a home built on top of a dirty crawl space can be greatly affected by moisture and harmful gasses that are released from the earth. These include the potentially cancer-causing gas Radon, as well as many other less dangerous yet still unpleasant allergens. We are passionate about providing the absolute best service to each home and homeowner we encounter, because we understand just how important your home is to you. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and use of cutting edge industry technology. Budget Dry Basement Waterproofing is a leader in Basement waterproofing and basement restoration. Every Basement flood, leak or crack is evaluated thoroughly to ensure that we provide you with the best solution. So you can be secure and confident in the knowledge that Budget Dry treats the problem, not the symptom!

Egress Windows

In CT, the egress must be one of several different types of emergency exit pathways:
  • Direct walk-out access, such as a door or slider
  • bulkhead enclosures
  • or most commonly (and effectively), basement egress windows

If you have a finished basement without a direct means of egress, then a basement egress window is the most effective way to create this. If you want your basement living space to count as a bedroom for your home’s appraisal, an egress window is the ideal solution. You bring your basement up to code, while also bringing new natural light into your basement living area!

Reasons to Add an Egress Window to Your Basement

While adding means of egress to certain areas of your home is mandated by residential building code, there are also several reasons for egress that directly benefit the enjoyment and safety of your home:

  1. It adds natural light
  2. It increases natural ventilation
  3. It ensures a clear and safe means of escape, especially for emergency exit situations, for yourself and for emergency personnel

Adding and/or updating means of egress in your home, particularly in high-risk areas such as the basement, also proactively protects your home and family from some of the most common health and safety concerns.

Facts About Hartford, CT

Hartford, capital of Connecticut and city coextensive with the town (township) of Hartford, Hartford county, U.S., in the north-central part of the state. It is a major industrial and commercial centre and a port at the head of navigation on the Connecticut River, 38 miles (61 km) from Long Island Sound. Dutch traders from New Amsterdam built a fort in 1633 at the mouth of the Park River, a tributary of the Connecticut; but the first settlement was made in 1635, when John Steele and some 60 English pioneers came from New Towne (now Cambridge, Massachusetts). In 1636 the First Church of Christ (Centre Congregational), which was organized in New Towne (1632), moved to Hartford with most of its congregation under the leadership of Thomas Hooker and Samuel Stone. In 1637 the settlement was named for Stone’s birthplace: Hertford, England. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, a document that later served as a model for the U.S. Constitution, was adopted (1639) in Hartford. On Charter Oak Avenue a monument marks the site of an oak tree where Captain Joseph Wadsworth supposedly secreted the colony’s royal charter when Governor Sir Edmund Andros attempted to seize it in 1687.

Hartford was the scene of the Hartford Convention (1814), called by New England Federalists to protest the War of 1812 policies of President James Madison. Shipping never recovered from the depression the war caused. Insurance, the city’s outstanding business, dates from February 8, 1794, when the first Hartford fire insurance policy was issued. Hartford became the sole capital of Connecticut in 1875 after having been co-capital (with New Haven) of both colony and state since 1701.

The marble and granite state capitol, completed in 1879, contains many objects of historical interest, including the tombstone of the American Revolutionary War hero Israel Putnam. A gem of colonial architecture is the old three-story brick statehouse (1796) designed by Charles Bulfinch. Wadsworth Atheneum, the oldest free public art museum in the United States, was opened in Hartford in 1844. The city’s nationally famous urban renewal project, Constitution Plaza, was dedicated in 1964; the Hartford Civic Center opened in 1975. Nonetheless, the neighbourhoods peripheral to Hartford’s rebuilt downtown continue to suffer from urban blight.

Hartford is the seat of Trinity College (1823), Hartford Seminary (1834), Hartford Graduate Center (1955), Capital Community-Technical College (1946), and the law school (1921) of the University of Connecticut. The University of Hartford (1877) and the University of Saint Joseph (1932) are in West Hartford.

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