CrawlShield: The Quintessential Crawl Space Moisture Solution

CrawlShield: Crawl Space Moisture Solution

The debate on the place of crawl spaces in foundation construction still rages on. Over the last few decades, organizations such as the U.S EPA and Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), among others, have voiced their concerns over the practicability of these spaces in modern structures.

Well, as the arguments for and against these spaces continue, you are most likely facing a nagging crawl space moisture problem in your old home.

Practical and Efficient Moisture Solutions

While the problem might appear innocuous, especially now that it is away from sight, ignoring it would be foolhardy. This is one reason most analysts are recommending CrawlShield as one of the most effective contemporary crawl moisture control systems.

But before even considering this as the best option for your moisture problem, consider the underlying risks of waiting too long before remedying moisture in that space underneath.

  • The National Foundation Repair Association, Inc (NFRA) says over 89% of its clients are involved in repairs due to damage caused by moisture in these spaces.
  • Moist environments lead to toxic black mold growth which can be fatal FOR YOUR FAMILY.
  • RADON gas exposure, when it seeps from the soil, can be devastating for your family if toxic levels are surpassed.
  • Rodent infestation is another problem that exacerbates damage underneath, especially to utility lines and wires.


Exploring the Power of CrawlShield Encapsulation

If there are any signs of rising water humidity in the crawl space, you need to contact a professional contractor who will carry out a diagnostic test. They will then recommend insulation of the entire space using a tough CrawlShield liner to prevent moisture from rising ground water.

The encapsulation process covers the earth ground below and the concrete foundation walls supporting the building. This averts any moisture leakage into this space which improves the value of your home tenfold. But that is not all that makes this waterproofing technique so unique.

Here are some other factors:

  1. Durability: The plastic material used is class A, which means it has high puncture resistance, immense tensile strength and low water vapor presence. You will not have to worry about crawl space moisture ever again.
  2. Versatility: This liner not only inhibits moisture leaking, but also prevents migration of poisonous Radon gas, which is akin to killing one bird with two stones.
  3. Space restoration: Once this space has been insulated, you can use it for storage as it is completely waterproof. What’s more, it gives it an aesthetic finish which raises the value of your home.
  4. Better indoor quality: With reduced moisture and mold growth underneath, there will be no migration of odors and allergens that pollute indoor air. This turns your home into a perfect castle.

Well, why live in a beautiful home which might have a putrid space below. Call a professional contractor to encapsulate it off and you can get peace of mind every day.