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Common Mistakes in the Replacement of Egress Windows | Killingsworth, CT

Your egress windows are an important part of your home. They are not only an important route for accessing and escaping the home in case of an emergency but also a great way to let in natural light and fresh air into a basement living space.

If your home is an old one, you may be considering having your egress windows replaced with new ones. This will not only help to improve the appearance of your home but also ensure that your home is comfortable and energy-efficient for a long time to come.

If you want to reap the full benefits of egress windows, it’s important to avoid the following mistakes in their replacement.

  1. Only focusing on the costs

It’s easy to fall into the trap of going for the greatest bargain you can get. This is especially the case when converting a basement into a living space. Such projects can be very expensive. However, cheap can be expensive over the long term when it comes to windows.

When choosing a window, you should consider the costs related to energy-saving and maintenance over their lifetime instead of only considering the cost of purchasing them. High-quality windows may seem expensive upfront. However, they will save you money in the long run in energy bills and maintenance.


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  1. Not considering energy efficiency

It’s also easy to be taken in by other aspects of the design of the windows such as aesthetics instead of their energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows will help to improve the indoor comfort levels of your home by ensuring that the temperature remains stable. They will help you save on your energy bills in the long term.

  1. Not paying attention to the glazing options available

Many modern windows are energy-efficient. However, they are not the same in their efficiency. The difference in efficiency is given by their ratings. This rating provides you with a great way to compare the performance of different windows.

You should also consider the window’s ability to let in natural light. Some windows are better able to let in natural light than others. This will help to reduce your energy bills too.

Take the time to study the performance labels on the windows to decide which windows would be best for your home.

If you want to identify great windows for your home, get in touch with a professional contractor. They will guide you in the selection process.

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