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Can Repairs Be Done In Bad Weather? | Waterbury, CT

Many homeowners do not pay attention to their foundations until they notice leaks or flooding in their basements. Many put off foundation crack repair when there is no evidence of water seepage through the cracks.

The problem becomes serious when the rains set in. Foundation cracks are likely to begin leaking during the rainy season or wet weather. At this point, many homeowners are confused as to whether they should weather the storm or call for help immediately.

Should I wait or call for help?

Many homeowners avoid calling for professional help with their foundations as they assume that foundation crack repair is expensive. However, this is only putting off the inevitable. Foundation cracks don’t get better with time. They get worse. Leaving your foundation cracks unattended will only mean that you will have to deal with an even more complex problem in the future.

If you have noticed cracks in your foundation, it is best to call for expert assistance as soon as possible.

Can foundation cracks be repaired when it’s wet outside?

This is a question on many homeowners’ minds. There are many variables that are considered when determining the method to be used for foundation crack repair. These include whether the cracks are leaking, the depth of the cracks, the location, size and shape of the cracks, whether the cracks are structural or not and the primary cause of the cracks.

There are various methods of repair that can be used for foundation cracks. When the weather is wet outside, your contractor may opt to seal the crack to prevent water from penetrating into your basement. They may opt to install an internal drainage system to reduce hydrostatic pressure against your wall. All of this work will be done inside your basement and therefore can be carried out even when the weather is wet. Wet weather also offers the contractor the advantage of being able to test the efficacy of their system soon after installation.

External work can be left for better weather.

How can I be sure that the problem won’t recur?

You will have to hire a contractor that has a reputation for good work. Ensure that they apply the best and latest technology to the repair of your foundation cracks. They should also provide you with a warranty that ensures you can call on them if their system for repair fails.

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