Benefits of Running a Basement Dehumidifier During Warmer Months

With the warm weather often comes humidity, which can be downright uncomfortable. Basements are especially susceptible to the mugginess. But in addition to comfort, there are many other reasons why basement dehumidifiers can benefit you and your home.

      1. They discourage the growth of mold in the home.
      2. They make the air healthier to breathe, especially for those with asthma or allergies.
      3. Skin is healthier at an optimal humidity level.
      4. They prevent corrosion on metal objects, including tools and household electronics.
      5. Wood window and door frames will last longer if water isn’t condensing on glass and dripping onto the wood.
      6. Food will stay fresh longer, especially bread and cereals.
      7. They keep the air cooler, and it saves on air conditioning expenses.
      8. They keep the dust level down in your house.
      9. They prevent a mildew smell in the house.
      10. Furniture, clothes, curtains, and books will last longer when not absorbing moisture.

If you have central air conditioning, it might have a feature that keeps your humidity level down, but keep an eye out for signs that the humidity level is rising. Condensation on glass doors and windows, as well as mildew or mold spots are signs of a high humidity level. Many people choose to add an additional dehumidifier in trouble spots such as basements or near bathrooms.

If you are experiencing a humidity problem and would like to have it checked out, contact us. We can evaluate your current system and offer suggestions to make your home less humid. The hot and humid days of summer are just around the corner, and we want you to not only be comfortable, but to have the other benefits of a healthy humidity level in your home.