Benefits of Investing in Exterior Drainage in Hartford CT

Exterior Drainage in Hartford CT

Are you experiencing issues with pooling or ponding of water in your yard? Is water collecting near the foundation of your home? This can cause extensive damage to your yard and your foundation.

If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to consider having an exterior drainage system installed in your yard. This type of drainage system will:

  1. Prevent soil erosion in your yard

You don’t have to be a soil expert or to have a green thumb to know that the washing away of soil from your yard will have a negative impact on your landscape. Poor drainage in your yard is likely to result in the displacement of soil. This will in turn cause issues with the depth of soil and damage your landscape. It can be difficult and expensive to recover your landscape when this happens.

A drainage system ensures that excess water has a place to go. The drains are built beneath the soil surface, therefore preventing displacement of soil while getting rid of the excess water.

  1. Prevent pooling of water

The formation of pools of water in your yard is not only dangerous but also unsightly. These pools of water create slippery surfaces that can result in slip and fall accidents. They can also be a breeding ground for mosquitos and other disease-carrying pests and insects. Pools of water also drown and destroy your landscape turning it into a marshland.

A drainage system will ensure that water isn’t given the chance to pool. Excess water is guided away from the yard and therefore doesn’t cause damage to the landscape.

  1. Prevent water damage to your foundation

What happens on your yard has a profound effect on your foundation. If water is allowed to accumulate in the soil surrounding your foundation, hydrostatic pressure against the foundation wall will increase. This will result in the formation of cracks in the foundation walls. In time, you will begin to experience flooding in your basement. Repairing a cracked foundation can be expensive.

Exterior drainage systems help to prevent damage to foundations by guiding water away from foundations. They relieve the hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls.

If you’re experiencing drainage problems in your yard, get in touch with a drainage expert. They will help determine the flow of water on your yard and suggest a solution to meet your needs. The simple installation of a drain in your yard will help preserve your property and your bank account.