Basic Tips for Damp Basement Solutions Everyone Should Know About

Damp Basement Solutions

Keeping a basement dry is vital for the home. The state of the basement affects the rest of the home. If your basement is damp and infested with mold and pests, the air quality of the rest of your home will be compromised.

Although there are various damp basement solutions available today, many people don’t understand how to apply them for the best results. The following are some tips to help keep your basement healthy:

  1. Invest in a dehumidifier

Where humidity levels are high, mold will grow. Mold flourish in spaces with humidity levels that are above 80%. Humid basements full of furniture and other organic material provide the perfect environment for the growth of mold.

It is important to invest in a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in your basement below 50%. This ensures that mold doesn’t grow and you maintain healthy air quality in your home.

  1. Don’t use a basement exhaust on humid days

Basement exhaust systems are great for expelling humid air out of the basement and replacing it with fresh air from the outside. However, when the air outside is humid (e.g. during the summer), it will be counterproductive to use an exhaust system on your basement.

  1. Don’t install carpeting in the basement

One of the best ways to ensure that your basement remains a healthy place is not providing any opportunity for mold to grow. Carpets are a common breeding ground for mold. You can make your life easier by completely avoiding the installation of a carpet in your basement. Opt for non-organic flooring options such as vinyl or tile.

  1. Avoid using fiberglass in the crawlspace

Fiberglass insulation shouldn’t be installed in a crawl space. Advances in technology have seen the introduction of new solutions for insulating basements. These solutions are water resistant. They are also resistant to the growth of mold. You can therefore be sure that your walls will be mold free even if your basement is flooded.

  1. Keep your basement warm

It’s important to keep the basement warm especially in the cooler months. This will help to prevent the formation and accumulation of moisture from the air. This simple act will help you avoid moisture problems in your basement.

These and other damp basement solutions when used in combination will ensure that your basement remains dry and free from mold and pests.