Basement Waterproofing: Interesting Facts about Downspouts – New Haven, CT

If you want to the best results when it comes to basement waterproofing, you must factor in all aspects of waterproofing. This includes gutters and downspouts.

Gutters and downspouts play an important role in water seepage. They can cause serious problems when they dump water near the foundation, causing an increase in hydro-static pressure against the basement wall. This in turn results in seepage or in serious cases, foundation movement.

It is therefore important to understand downspouts and gutters and how they can affect the foundation. The following are some interesting facts you may want to note.

  1. If you have a 1000 square foot roof and experience 1-inch rain, there will be slightly more than 620 gallons of runoff from your roof. All this water will be dumped right next to your foundation if you don’t extend the downspouts from your roof.
  2. Rain barrels aren’t large enough to hold all the runoff from your roof. If you have 50-gallon rain barrels and have more than 600 gallons of water pouring off your roof, there will be large volumes of water spilling out of the barrels. This water will spill onto the ground near your foundation.
  3. The situation is even worse when there is heavy rainfall. The water being discharged by the downspouts leaves with a pressure equivalent to turning on your bathtub taps at full blast. This water is deposited right next to your foundation where it can cause serious damage.
  4. Researchers found that more than 60% of homes in the US have downspouts that are partially clogged with dirt, leaves and other debris. If the water from the roof cannot get through the downspout to where it is meant to be discharged, it will spill over the gutter’s sides and pour right next to the foundation.

The facts above show just how important downspouts and gutters are for basement waterproofing. If they are allowed to dump water next to the foundation, you will have to deal with very expensive foundation repairs in the future.

The good news for homeowners is that gutters and downspouts can be repaired and maintained for pennies. It is therefore advisable to have them cleaned and inspected regularly. This will ensure that problems are spotted and attended to early.

Get in touch with a basement waterproofing contractor to have your foundation inspected. This will ensure that any issues are detected early and repaired.